KillSwitch Introduces Easy Yield Farming to the Mass Audiance via ILO


[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer]

KillSwitch is a new DeFi project that is created to assist all yield farmers ensuring that transactions are quick and smooth. Soon, KillSwitch will be ready to list utility tokens for its ILO which will be happening on the 25th – 31th October 2021.

“KillSwitch”, a new DeFi project with features that provides easy yield farming and security for all users

From one yield farmer to another who shares and knows of the same pain, developed a smart tool targeting to increase convenience and security for yield farmers. The feature is now available on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon chain with 3 prominent features which are One-clicked stake, Kill Position and Semi-Auto Compound.

What to expect in the near future?

Although KillSwitch has made farming easier, there is still much more room for improvement. Primarily, two more features will be introduced shortly. Which are:

Mixture Swap – the swapping of LP tokens to other LP tokens (that are on the whitelist) that users can stake in the source of a pool. This feature is exceptional for those who like to jump around from one platform to another.

Take Profit/Stop Loss – The ultimate feature allows users to “rest easy” without having to worry about the risk of their investments. The TP/SL is a feature that users can set to close their own investments at a given condition or to receive a certain amount of profit likewise.

KillSwitch Sets ILO Date

To grow the DeFi project, KillSwitch has decided to open up its platform to investors by setting up an ILO (public sale) with the maximum capacity of $5,000,000, which will be happening on the 25th-31th October 2021.

What is KillSwitch?

KillSwitch is a smart yield farming aggregator targeting to increase convenience and security for all yield farmers. Sympathizing fellow yield farmers, they created the fast and effective smart yield aggregator that aims to make farming easy and “leaving” easier.


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